This Spring Achter De Feiten on Eén

Eén and Dedsit are working on a new satiric sketch show inspired by topicality. The show, called ‘behind the facts’ (Achter de Feiten), will weekly put some notable news facts in the spotlight.

The intent of the new Eén-program is to convert current events in to sketches and then look for the (fictive) story and people behind the facts.

For ‘behind the facts’ Eén and dedsit rely on a fixed pool of actors. Including Liesa Naert, Koen De Bouw, Nico Sturm, Tania Van Der Sanden and Peter Van Den Eede in the rangs, the program can count on a promising cast. They weekly put themselves in the shoes of fictive citizens, spokespersons, victims, eye witnesses, experts and other people behind the news facts.

‘Behind the facts’ will count ten episodes and will be broadcast at the earliest in the spring of 2014.